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With the elevated rail transit project underway, voters in November 2010 overwhelmingly approved a charter amendment to create a semi-autonomous public transit authority to oversee the planning, construction, operation and extension of the rail system. The Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) began operations July 1, 2011, with existing rail transit staff, contracts and resources. HART will have a 10-member volunteer board of directors that includes three members appointed by the mayor, three members selected by the Honolulu City Council, and the city and state transportation directors. They will collectively choose a ninth member from the community. The city's director of planning and permitting will serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the board. 

The Mayor's appointees are:

  • Ember Shinn, former City and County of Honolulu Managing Director
  • Hoyt. Zia is a seasoned public company executive.
  • Glenn Nohara, President of civil construction consulting firm Genba Hawaii, Inc.

The City Council's appointees are:

  • Terrence Lee, a partner in the law firm Sullivan Meheula Lee 
  • Damien Kim, business manager and financial secretary of the international Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1186 
  • John Henry Felix Executive Chairman, COO and CFO of Hawaii Medical Assurance Association. 

Other members designated by the charter are:

  • State Department of Transportation Director currently Jade Butay
  • City & County of Honolulu, Department of Transportation Services, Director-designate, Wes Frysztacki
  • City & County of Honolulu, Department of Planning and Permitting, Acting Director, Kathy Sokugawa

The member selected by the eight voting members of the board is:

  • Tobias Martyn


Register to speak at the next HART full board or committee meeting by providing us details on the meeting and subject matter that you wish to testify as well as your contact information.

Registered speakers will be given two minutes (2 minutes) to address their topic and will be called up to speak in the order that the requests have been received. You may also register to speak on-site at each respective meeting.

You can send your testimony request and information to:


Please provide in your email:

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Telephone Number

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