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Permanent Committees of the Board of Directors

Areas of Responsibility

Finance Committee

Oversee the Authority’s budget process

Monitor revenue and expenditures vis a vis the Operating and Capital budgets

Monitor the Authority’s long range Financial Plan, financial policies, 

Receive the annual independent financial audit and oversee the Authority’s responses; oversee follow-up actions          to such audits

Human Resources Committee

Direct the recruitment, hiring and evaluation processes for the Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer

Review recommendations from the ED and make recommendations on the creation and abolishment of positions

Review and monitor the Authority’s human resources practices, EEOC Policy, classification and compensation, and      training and employee development programs

Monitor Strategic/Operational Plan implementation 

Conduct, monitor, or direct investigations into personnel actions as directed by the Board

Project Oversight Committee

Oversee the implementation of the HRTP, focusing on scope, schedule and Financial Plan, including activities that         affect scope, schedule, expenditures of contingency funds, and risk strategies

Review and recommend major policy issues affecting Critical Path, including:

o compliance with FTA project management and requirements

o revenue policies

o safety and security policies

o secondary mitigation

Review and recommend approval of property acquisitions via condemnation

Oversee transition of operations and maintenance to the City Department of Transportation Services

Review and advise on change orders exceeding $1 million, or those that require the use of unallocated contingency      funds, and additions/deletions to contracts in the Contract Packaging Plan

Monitor compliance with the Programmatic Agreement, Sustainability Policy, Procurement Policy, and Disadvantaged     Business Enterprise Program

Monitor and make recommendations on arrangements or agreements with the federal government and with public        entities or utilities in accordance with Board Policy

Monitor Project Labor Agreements in conjunction with the Government Affairs/Audit/Legal Matters Committee

Transit Oriented Development Committee

Receive reports from HART and the Department of Planning and Permitting

Review and make recommendations on proposed joint development projects involving HART property

Identify and develop recommendations regarding impediments to promoting and assisting TOD

Government Affairs/Audit/Legal Matters Committee

Receive reports on non-financial audits and oversee the Authority’s responses; oversee follow-up actions to such          audits

Pursue Board investigations 

Review legal challenges that are not directly project related

Review legislation and/or government initiatives and recommend Board positions and testimony

Review the compromise, settlement, or dismissal of any claim or litigation and recommend action

Monitor Project Labor Agreements in conjunction with the Project Oversight Committee

Executive Committee

Review and respond to time sensitive oversight matters where full Board action is not legally required, including:

Reports/responses to governmental agencies where time deadlines are imposed by the governmental agency

Communications to media to explain Board or administration actions

Responses to Legislative or City Council inquiries where testimony is requested or necessary

Review strategies for litigation where timely response is required by a Court or adverse parties

HART Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation