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Permanent Committees of the Board of Directors

Areas of Responsibility

(Committee actions subject to full Board approval)

Finance Committee

  • Areas of Responsibility:
    • Oversee the Authority’s budget process including:
      • Review the Executive Director’s proposed annual Operating and Capital Budgets and recommend amendments, if any, to the full Board
      • Review and make recommendations on any budget amendments during the fiscal year
    • Receive periodic reports regarding, and monitor actual revenue and expenditures vis-à-vis the Operating and Capital budgets
    • Monitor the Authority’s long range Financial Plan
    • Monitor annual Business Plan, and recommend amendments to the full Board
    • Monitor effectiveness of the Authority’s Financial Policies and develop amendments as appropriate.

Project Oversight Committee

  • Areas of Responsibility:
    • Oversee the implementation of the Honolulu High Capacity Transit Corridor Project (HHCTCP) focusing on scope, schedule and budget:
      • Monitor scope changes
      • Monitor schedule status
      • Monitor actual expenditures versus budget for the HHCTCP
    • Review and recommend for discussion by the full Board major policy issues affecting the implementation and management of the HHCTCP; examples include:
      • Compliance with FTA project management and grant requirements
      • Revenue policies, such those pertaining to concessions, advertising, or the fare collection system
      • Policies prioritizing safety, such as policing and security
    • Review property acquisitions proposed for condemnation actions.

Transit Oriented Development Committee

  • Areas of Responsibility:
    • Oversee the efforts  to create, promote and assist Transit Oriented Development (TOD) near HHCTCP stations including:
      • Receive reports from HART and Department of Planning and Permitting staff
    • Review proposed joint development projects involving HART property and make recommendations to the full Board
    • Identify and develop recommendations addressing impediments to creating, promoting and assisting transit oriented development.

Human Resources

  • Areas of Responsibility:
    • Direct the evaluation process for the Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer
    • Review and monitor Project Labor Agreements
    • Review and monitor the Authority’s human resource policies including EEO Policy review and implementation; the classification and compensation system and its effectiveness in recruiting qualified staff; and training and employee development programs.
    • Oversee development of fare policy

Government Affairs/Audit/Legal Matters Committee

  • Areas of Responsibility:
    • Receive the report(s) from independent auditors on both the annual audit and any special audits requested
    • Identify problems, issues and/or management follow-up actions emanating from any audits of the Authority’s activities
    • Pursue investigations initiated by the Board
    • Review and formulate strategy on risk management and any legal issues that confront the Authority
    • Monitor Programmatic Agreement
    • Review with the HART CEO legislation and/or initiatives proposed by governmental partners, and recommend to the HART board as to whether the board should take a position or testify regarding said initiative and/or proposed legislation.

HART Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation