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Permanent Committees of the Board of Directors

Areas of Responsibility

Finance Committee

  • Oversee the Authority’s budget process
  • Monitor revenue and expenditures vis a vis the Operating and Capital budgets
  • Monitor the Authority’s long-range Financial Plan, financial policies
  • Receive the annual independent financial audit and oversee the Authority’s responses; oversee follow-up actions to such audits

Human Resources Committee

  • Direct the recruitment, hiring, and evaluation processes for the Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer
  • Review recommendations from the ED and make recommendations on the creation and abolishment of positions
  • Review and monitor the Authority’s human resources practices, EEOC Policy, classification and compensation, and training and employee development programs
  • Monitor Strategic/Operational Plan implementation
  • Conduct, monitor, or direct investigations into personnel actions as directed by the Board

Project Oversight Committee

  • Oversee the implementation of the HRTP, focusing on scope, schedule, and Financial Plan, including activities that affect scope, schedule, expenditures of contingency funds, and risk strategies
  • Review and recommend major policy issues affecting Critical Path, including:
    • compliance with FTA project management and requirements
    • revenue policies
    • safety and security policies
    • secondary mitigation
  • Review and recommend approval of property acquisitions via condemnation
  • Oversee transition of operations and maintenance to the City Department of Transportation Services
  • Review and advise on change orders exceeding $5 million, or those that require the use of unallocated contingency funds regardless of amount; review and advise on change orders exceeding $1 million and up to $5 million
  • Review additions/deletions to contracts in the Contract Packaging Plan
  • Monitor compliance with the Programmatic Agreement, Sustainability Policy, Procurement Policy, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program
  • Monitor and make recommendations on arrangements or agreements with the federal government and with public entities or utilities in accordance with Board Policy
  • Monitor Project Labor Agreements in conjunction with the Government Affairs/Audit/Legal Matters Committee

Internal Audit Committee

  • Receive reports from independent auditors on special financial and non-financial audits by third parties
  • Oversee HART’s responses to financial and non-financial audits by third parties
  • Identify problems, issues and/or management follow-up actions emanating from financial or non-financial audits
  • Pursue investigations initiated by the Board
  • Establish HART’s fraud hotline
  • Internal Audit Committee Chair and the Board Executive Officer are responsible for directing the work of the Internal Audit function
  • Prepare an annual work plan, including an Internal Audit risk assessment of HART

Government Affairs/Audit/Legal Matters Committee

  • Receive reports on non-financial audits and oversee the Authority’s responses; oversee follow-up actions to such audits
  • Pursue Board investigations
  • Review legal challenges that are not directly project-related
  • Review legislation and/or government initiatives and recommend Board positions and testimony
  • Review the compromise, settlement, or dismissal of any claim or litigation and recommend action
  • Monitor Project Labor Agreements in conjunction with the Project Oversight Committee

Executive Committee

Review and respond to time-sensitive oversight matters where full Board action is not legally required, including:

  • Reports/responses to governmental agencies where time deadlines are imposed by the governmental agency
  • Communications to media to explain Board or administration actions
  • Responses to Legislative or City Council inquiries where testimony is requested or necessary
  • Review strategies for litigation where timely response is required by a Court or adverse parties
  • Recommend approval or disapproval of change orders in excess of $5 million, upon review and recommendation by the POC, when the full Board is unable to meet
  • Approve use of unallocated contingency, upon review and recommendation by the POC, when the full Board is unable to meet


HART Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation