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MYTH: An average family of five will pay more than $1,000 a year extra in GET for the rail.

FACT: That is incorrect. The rail tax surcharge is already incorporated in the existing General Excise and Use Tax (GET) and amounts to ½ a penny tax on each dollar spent.  If a household spends $2 on groceries, it has paid one penny ($0.01) to the rail fund.


For a household to "pay more than $1,000 a year" in rail taxes a household would need to spend more than $200,000 on taxable goods and services a year. 

A more realistic scenario involves the GET surcharge for rail amounting to slightly more than $54 for every $10,000 spent.  An average family of five spending $40,000 a year of GET-taxable goods and services would contribute about $218 in rail surcharge revenue.

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