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Preservation of Historic Parks


Irwin Memorial Park (1934), Mother Waldron Playground (1937), and Walker Park (1952-72) were all built in the early twentieth century, and are all adjacent to the rail guideway within the City Center Guideway and Stations.

As required and agreed upon mitigation for the adverse impacts from the Project, HART has prepared a Cultural Landscape Report (CLR) for each park. The Consulting Parties recommended that CLRs be prepared for the three parks. The CLRs are required under Stipulation V.B of the Project's Programmatic Agreement.

Each CLR documents the history and significance of the historic designed landscape as well as the historical and cultural contexts that influenced changes to the physical landscape. The CLRs also describe how these landscapes have changed over time, evaluates their integrity, and provides treatment recommendations for long-term management of these landscapes.

These reports were developed using the National Park Service (NPS) Secretary of Interior's Standards for The Treatment of Historic Properties with Guidelines for the Treatment of Cultural Landscapes (1996), A Guide to Cultural Landscape Reports (1998), and other relevant NPS guidelines, standards, and National Register Bulletins. The CLRs are available at the link below.

Final Cultural Landscape Reports

Updated 7/20/2020

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