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Limited English Proficiency

A Limited English Proficiency (LEP) individual is defined under Hawaii Law as: “an individual who, on account of national origin, does not speak English as the person’s primary language and self identifies as having a limited ability to read, write, speak or understand the English language”  (HRS §321C-2).

The American Community Service (ACS) conducted a survey of the Honolulu County households.  The purpose was to identify the language spoken at home by the ability to speak English for the population 5 years and over.  The most current survey identified the households where the ability to speak English was categorized as less than “very well”.  At HART we believe these are the individuals that are most likely to encounter language difficulty upon using HART’s transportation services.  The top groups identified as speaking English less than “very well”, in Honolulu County, in descending order were those that spoke Tagalog, Native Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Samoan, Vietnamese, Spanish, Laotian, Guamanian or Chamorro and Thai (See Attachment D for the actual estimates).

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