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Frequently Asked Questions - Aloha Stadium

FAQs - Aloha Stadium
When will the rail system begin operating?

The first phase of the system, from East Kapolei to Aloha Stadium, is undergoing testing that is expected to be completed within the next year. At that time when segment one is fully operational, HART will deliver this segment to the Department of Transportation Services, which will determine the timing for a public opening and all other operational questions.

Updated 8/17/2021

Where will rail transit run?

By 2030, nearly 60 percent of Oahu's population and more than 90 percent of the island's jobs will be located along the 20-mile rail corridor. Rail will connect major residential areas with primary job centers. There will be stops downtown, at three UH system campuses, Aloha Stadium, the Honolulu International Airport and several shopping centers. Rail will offer a convenient way to get to work, school or home. In addition, rail will provide a way to attend special events at Aloha Stadium, catch flights at the airport, or enjoy concerts at the Blaisdell Center, without the hassles of parking and traffic.

Updated 7/2/2020

Will there be parking?

Yes. There are four park-and-ride facilities planned. They will be at the Kualaka'i station (900 stalls), Keone'ae station at UH-West Oahu (1,000 stalls), The Waiawa station at Pearl Highlands (1,600 stalls) and the Hālawa station at Aloha Stadium (600 stalls), providing a total of 4,100 spaces. The city bus routes will be reconfigured to provide shuttle-like services to the rail stations from nearby communities and high-use facilities, like hospitals and shopping centers. In addition, each station will have drop-off areas, including areas for the Handi-Van that comply with all requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Updated 7/2/2020

How will people use rail transit?

Rail transit will be used to commute to and from work, and school; to go to shopping malls, the airport, and entertainment venues such as Aloha Stadium. (See our interactive route map for more details.)

How can I take TheBus to the stations?

There will be feeder bus services to and from the surrounding community to nearby stations. Four new bus transit centers will be located at following stations: Keone'ae at UH West Oahu, Hō'ae'ae at West Loch, Waiawa at Pearl Highlands, and Hālawa at Aloha Stadium.

Updated 7/2/2020

How can I take my car to the stations?

Four park-and-ride lots will be constructed at the following stations: Kualaka'i at East Kapolei, Keone'ae at UH West Oahu, Waiawa at Pearl Highlands, and Hālawa at Aloha Stadium. These will provide a total of 4,100 parking spaces. For the convenience of Central O'ahu transit users, a dedicated access ramp will directly connect the H-2 Freeway to the Waiawa Station at Pearl Highlands park-and-ride facility and bus transit center.

Updated 7/2/2020

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